Hilma Hooker Coney

Bonaire, March 9-26.

Underwater photographs! )
Four-eye Butterflyfish

Bonaire, March 9-16.

Underwater photographs! )
Look at me run! Look at me over-pronate!

me running

Taken at the Clear Mountain Ultimate 5K, run in 25:34 through the 80+ degree Memphis heat on June 23. The driver of the Clear Mountain truck had locked his keys in his cab, so there were no water stops, only one station offering wet paper towels. The smile on my face is there because I know that if I can make it just that last 100 feet, I can get something to drink, a couple of Krispy Kremes and maybe a smoked red sausage with yellow mustard. Carb replacement? More like a diabetic incident.


Feb. 25th, 2007 10:28 am
My local JCC sponsors a photography contest every year; last year's honorees went on display around the same time that I started working out there, and I must admit that I was envious of all the exhibitors. I also like to think that I've taken a few decent pictures over the last two years (the period of eligibility for the competition) -- in fact, I may have taken too many. For each entrant is limited to seven submissions, and I have as many as nine good photographs in my portfolio. I've scanned in the prints of these nine candidates, and I'm hoping that you will help me Pick Seven )

Because I don't consider myself a skilled photographer -- my talent mostly lies in getting to the right place and then holding still instead of, say, understanding what an "f-stop" is -- I will be proud if I just have some of these accepted for display. Still I like to think that I might have some chance to do well in any category other than Jewish Life. Though I think the bear keeps kosher.
Note to self: if you should be running around the lake, and you see a woman leaning on her unextended tripod and concentratedly pointing this into a tree, it does not constitute common courtesy to breathily exclaim, "Hey! My mom has that lens!"
I've mentioned before my recent forays into fitness. Part of these have been the development of a taste for salads at lunch. No longer do I wolf down microwave lasagna or run over to Wendy's; now I eat the nutritious way! And you can too -- just follow these simple steps:

Step 1:

Fill a bowl with a heaping helping of baby spinach, the world's healthiest food, unless you want to retain calcium or something.

Step 2: )
I am such an incredible gardener )

Ok, it is the area into which I toss what dead mice the cats leave on the kitchen floor.
According to my eclipse bible (a heretical text on my tour, which pays its fealty to Mr. Eclipse himself), one of the first photographers to use Photoshop to build a composite photograph of the sun's corona took six months to come up with something he found satisfactory. I certainly didn't do better in a largely shadeless afternoon. I'll instead post four pictures. )

Totality occured with perfect clarity, though I wish I could say the same thing for my new contact lenses. I had trouble resolving the ring of the sun as a single image; in fact, the view was considerably better through my camera lens. I also wasted a considerable amount of the four minutes, four seconds of totality fidgetting with the tripod supporting my video camera. Once, one of the eclipse veterans with a stopwatch called out "Sixty seconds!" "Elapsed?" I desperately cried. "No, remaining!" was the disappointing response.

Three initial pictures below the cut. )
I like to pretend that one of the disadvantages of travelling with my mother is that I cannot wrest the camera from her hands without a prybar; in reality, however, she's quite happy to let me take all the snapshots I want. It's just that I only want to take a picture when I see the cover of National Geographic. Show me rare wildlife or exotic architecture, and the edge of my vision develops a golden tinge. So I don't take many pictures, but the ones I do carry the weight of high expectations.

But the real disadvantage of traveling with my mother is what few pictures I do take end up scattered among the thousands of megabytes she brings back from a trip, over somewhere in Michigan, and I end up not sorting through them for months. I hope you will forgive me then for the age of some of these photos. (Also anyone on dial-up will be loathe to forgive me for crashing his or her computer -- there are 3.5 megabytes behind the lj-cut, so be careful.)

Birds and Buddhas )
From a tomb in the Basilica of St. Emmeran in Regensburg, Germany: Death sits for his Cosmopolitan centerfold, circa 1972.

I like the way the artist has elegantly arranged the drapery as if to say "I must cover up my naughty bits, even though they rotted off hundreds of years ago."
Long delayed: one photograph of the sunrise over Lake Titicaca.

The cat-door is now barred.
Are they separated at birth or just both former students at the same Shaolin monastery?



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