Having landed at Cleveland Hopkins at eight this morning, dozing through only one disc of Aaron Copland and some of "Bring the Noise," and coming after two straight nights of no more than four hours of sleep and a solid week of no more than six, I'm far too exhausted to write a recapitulation of the 2006 ATPo Gathering with concision, coherency or tact. Will I persevere through anyway? Perhaps; I keep floundering wading in the littorals of this post, rather than just diving deeply in. But what washes over me currently is sleep, and what sentiments I might bubble out burst before they breach my placid surface. And I'm half-tempted now to swap the ATPo icon for one of my SCUBA ones, so I will quit before my only public recollection of the Gathering becomes my snide spite at the painting at the seafood restaurant that paired a (Caribbean) Queen Angelfish with an (Indo-Pacific) Clown Trigger. That would be paralipsis, by the way, and for tonight the rest will be ellipsis . . .
The little one is safely home, at last, from the hospital, eating voraciously and napping in the laundry basket. Thanks to all for their best wishes; they were much appreciated.

New icon from the alternate universe in which it's Cordelia Chase, not Charisma Carpenter, guest-starring on Veronica Mars, for some reason ad libbing her own dialogue from "Killed By Death." Also, I made yet another Justice League icon.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. It would be cute were it atpophenia, noun: seeing connections every year in June or July, and maybe at the occasional mini-meet.

Back GIPped

Aug. 9th, 2005 01:56 am
I haven't done one of those gratuitous icon posts for a while, having spent very little time making icons recently (though more time making icons than updating my LJ). Here are a few userpics I've made in the last few months.

The strange thing is I didn't even have to download this episode to get the screencap:

"Hey Sweetheart! Whatcha got in that Poodle Gun? Anything for me?"

Using VirtualDub (as opposed to ActualDub) to grab frames of animation has made me respect how much animators rely on loops of sometimes as few as four repeated frames; imitation is one of the more sincere forms of respect.

Comics are even easier to screencap than television!

(In the original it's "I'm afraid I can't understand a word you're saying . . . I don't speak Fascist" which has a devastating power I can't fit into that little word balloon.)

And, finally, a caduceus!

That leaves two slots open. Maybe I'll figure out how to make borders before I've filled my allotment.
. . . GIP!!

The text is a little plain, as fatigue had definitely set in by the time I got to that stage.


Feb. 24th, 2005 05:52 pm
A gratuitous icon post, for this:

Some might remember that I exclaimed "Icon!" when we reached this moment (just after Flash has accidentally fired several Thanagarian missiles into the east wing of Wayne Manor) in our viewing of "Starcrossed" at the last ATPo Gathering. And here we are, only eight months later!

This icon was an unintended consequence of my recent dalliance with BitTorrent. Before, making my own screencaps was a laborious process involving a camcorder, a memory stick, and technical assistance from Rube Goldberg. Now, it's just a matter of PrntScrning the right frames in VirtualDub.

I could go on about the technical process, but what most interests me is that I managed to misquote Batman. What he actually says in the episode is "That's not helping!" I have managed to make a statement more antisocial than that made by a semi-psychotic, overly violent loner.

And, indeed, looking at my icons . . .  )


Sep. 10th, 2004 09:52 pm


Apr. 6th, 2004 01:54 am
Yet another gratuitous icon post arising from my experiments with the digital camcorder's ability to transfer still video from tape to memory stick as a JPEG. The annoying thing is that this transfer involves hitting a button marked "photo" exactly as the frame I want rolls onscreen. There's a lot of trial and error, and I got a little trigger happy, meaning that if anyone wants about forty-nine extraneous screenshots of giant Green Morays, I'm the man to ask.

The first shot is from my most recent trip to Bonaire. It is the only one shot with the digital camcorder; it is also the only frame I felt I had to lighten. The other two pictures come from last year's trip. When I encountered the moray in the second frame, he was trailing about three feet of fishing line from his mouth. A situation like that is exactly why I always carry a pair of dive scissors, and I left him so that he was burdened with only nine inches -- nine inches being about as close as I was comfortable extending my hand towards his mouth. The third moray was being cleaned by three different shrimp. Two Coral Banded Shrimp were working on his head and body while the Scarlet-Striped Cleaning Shrimp in the picture took care of his teeth and gills. I spent about ten minutes videotaping the process.

For those who have wondered at my interests, the Linnean name for the Green Moray is Gymnothorax funebris. Gymnothorax translates, more or less, to "bare-chested," a term which in LiveJournal icon circles more often applies to James Marsters.


Apr. 5th, 2004 03:36 am
One of those gratuitous icon posts, in honor of my first ever screencaps. I've been wanting to do this for ages, but I have never found a suitable source of Kim Possible screenshots. Tonight, anticipating an episode with one of my favorite exchanges in it (which will be iconized soon), I investigated some of the features of my digital camcorder. Apparently, there are illogical means by which it can be used first as a VCR, and then as an instrument with which to capture still photographs from video. The process is anti-intuitive and tiring, so I doubt I'll do this that much, but I'm glad to have the capability.

Considering how subpar my cable reception is when the channel's in the upper reaches, as Disney is, I'm glad LJ icons are limited to the very forgiving 100 pixels square. In fact, what most disappoints me with this icon is the text.

ETA: As promised:


Mar. 3rd, 2004 12:11 pm
As previously threatened. First of a series.
One icon, free for anyone to take:
For [livejournal.com profile] masqthephlsphr:

As you've requested. (Took me 4 minutes, 17 seconds. I have a stopwatch! Isn't that fascinating?)
My friends are too generous!

Well, [livejournal.com profile] masqthephlsphr, anyway.

Thanks, Masq! I really appreciate it! Now I just have to figure out what to do with all those slots. I'm sure I'll enjoy the process! Whee! Icons!

(By the way, I really wasn't wheedling in the post that inspired this gift. I was afraid after writing it that I came across as angling for someone to spontaneously grant me icon space, which is not at all what I was aiming for. But now that someone has spontaneously granted me icon space, I do appreciate it!)

Leviathan is atop the Times Magazine, but my recollection is that the number for today's 25x25 is 21:01. Puns and Anagrams was done in 15:12.

I think the worst part of making icons is searching for source material. I enjoy the Photoshopping, but digging through Google image searches and sites with 479 pictures from each episode of Alias tires out my poor old 56 kbps modem. So, if anyone knows where I can find the following images, please give me a link, or just <IMG SRC=url> 'em right here. It's not my bandwidth; I don't care.
  • Sydney Bristow holding a card -- ID card or keycard or whatever.
  • Buffy stomping Warren's orbs.
  • Emma Peel looking kick ass.
  • Cordelia looking kick ass.
  • Gollum looking perky.
  • Willow surrounded by floating knives, from "Tough Love."
Also, if you have any requests for icons, I'm willing to make them, but you have to find the source material.
11:23. After a few weeks of this, I'll have medians established for each day and I'll know how disappointed to be.

I've decided to do [livejournal.com profile] scrollgirl's icon meme, because other than cutting and pasting some <IMG SRC=url> tags, there's not much for me to do. The entire onus is on you! Muahhahaha! So, go right ahead and tell me which of my icons are most representative of me, or which you like the best, or which you'd hope to never see again.

These, then, would be my icons. )
I am in Michigan; I am exhausted in Michigan.

Because [livejournal.com profile] masqthephlsphr hasn't, I feel the need to GIP! I built this at her request, and felt such a sense of pride and accomplishment that I kept a copy for myself. Check it out! Unless, that is, you don't want to be spoiled for Return of the King; my apologies if that is the case, but then what are you doing on LiveJournal?
All hail Hypnotoad! All glory to the Hypnotoad!
I have promised myself that I will write a real, substantial, LJ entry before Friday. It will pull no punches and speak truth to power. It will change your life, give you renewed purpose, and blow the lid off the military-hiphopdustrial complex.

In the meantime, please excuse the following blather.

Item the first: should I ever be in the mood to scare my cats, I now know exactly what to do. I just need to get them on edge by carting them off to the vets for some yearly boosters, then bring them home, let them get snug and warm and comfortable, almost to the point where they trust me again, then slip on my headphones and dance (if one can call a semi-epileptic crossbreed between the Watusi and a torn anterior cruciate ligament "dancing") around the kitchen to O{+>'s "Billy Jack Bitch."

Item the second: it crosses my mind that I'd like to see whether or not my spawn, my scion, the sole heir to all my worldly widely webly possessions, [livejournal.com profile] atpotch will be able to get down to London around the weekend of the 22nd. I assume that my meeting [livejournal.com profile] londonkds and [livejournal.com profile] yabyumpan is, as we say in O{+> speak, a 4gone conclusion. But I would be willing to expend an especial effort to meet the one I sired; though, obviously, it would be all the more convenient if I could get him to be the one who goes through all the hassle of UK travel.

Item the third: it's amazing how a not-that-flattering picture can, with the judicious application of just a little Photoshopping, be turned into an absolute nightmare of blotchiness and bignosiness. Errr, I mean, GIP.
Some have asked after my new icon. I'm not that much into the pretty men, and I've never seen an episode of Smallville, so I admit that having a picture of Wesley Wyndham Price flash in alternation with one of Clark Kent (with something indeterminate in between) may seem a little out of character. But there is a simple explanation: I've been politicized. I'm convinced that it is imperative for my nation to find new leadership, and I am willing to take whatever extremely tiny step is necessary to push it in that direction. I do not much take to the idea of slogging through New Hampshire in January, though, and addressing junk mail is never fun, so I will be doing what I do best: sitting on my ass with my laptop posting witless and occasionally inflammatory remarks in my and others' LJs. But now my posting will be for a good cause. You see, I'll be doing some subliminal campaigning.

When those of my readers who go into voting booths in the Democratic Primary this spring are faced with the ballot, they will see the name "Wesley Clark." I hope they will be familiar with the name. I hope that they will have pleasant images flashing in their head: "Wesley . . . Clark . . . Wesley . . . Clark . . . " Let's consider it memetic campaigning.

The thing is, though, that while I think Clark is the candidate best suited to beat Bush next November, I'm not completely sold on him. While Clark is the most versed on national security, and he has the most experience among the candidates (and I'm including the Republican incumbant here) in managing international coalitions, I'm pleased by Howard Dean's record as Governor of Vermont -- I'm just wary that Vermont may not, in the general election, seem like the ideal stepping stone to the Presidency. I also would be perfectly happy were John Kerry the nominee. As far as I'm concerned, my number one priority in voting will be removing Bush (and Ashcroft, in particular), and I am willing to leave it up to the will of the people who his replacement is.

This is where you, the citizen of LiveJournal, come in. I am offering, to any who will take them with no demand for credit or restrictions on use, subliminal campaign icons for the four leading contenders for the Democratic nomination. Use an icon and make your voice heard. Let's consider this our Iconographic Democratic Caucus. We have:

General Wesley Clark

Governor Howard Dean

Senator John Kerry

Senator Joe Lieberman

This caucus, unlike any real primary, is not even restricted to Democrats! If you are a Republican who would like to do what you can to sabotage the Democrats's chance of nominating someone electable, and you lack a column in which to offer the Democrats "helpful advice" akin to, "Go ahead and nominate Al Sharpton! And maybe choose for his running mate Andrea Dworkin! You'll energize your base!" you may use the icon for the candidate you think least likely to beat Bush. I am not, however, making an animation for Dennis Kucinich. I'm all rebussed out.

Nor, for that matter, do you need to be of voting age or even a citizen of the United States to participate. No longer do you need to be a Saudi oil baron or have connections with Buddhist Temples in America to influence our democratic process -- you can meddle with foreign politics from the comfort of your own home!

Certain readers may note that this caucus seems to distinctively favor those candidates with nice, easy, Anglo-Saxon names; how this distinguishes it from any actual American primary I do not know. Also, some might note that certain pictures, or some of those pictured, are, well, more attractive than others; to this I respond that certain candidates are just possessed of natural advantages: real charisma, great standing, etc. Plus, were General Clark really serious about going after the LJ demographic, he'd change his first name to "Lex/."

Participation in the democratic process is truly a patriotic duty, so get out there and spread the word! Or, look! Shiny, flashy pictures!

(In case you were wondering: Joely Richardson of FX's Nip/Tuck; Chris Berman of ESPN.)



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