Feb. 25th, 2007 10:28 am
My local JCC sponsors a photography contest every year; last year's honorees went on display around the same time that I started working out there, and I must admit that I was envious of all the exhibitors. I also like to think that I've taken a few decent pictures over the last two years (the period of eligibility for the competition) -- in fact, I may have taken too many. For each entrant is limited to seven submissions, and I have as many as nine good photographs in my portfolio. I've scanned in the prints of these nine candidates, and I'm hoping that you will help me Pick Seven )

Because I don't consider myself a skilled photographer -- my talent mostly lies in getting to the right place and then holding still instead of, say, understanding what an "f-stop" is -- I will be proud if I just have some of these accepted for display. Still I like to think that I might have some chance to do well in any category other than Jewish Life. Though I think the bear keeps kosher.
I'm out the door for the huge freaking trip through the Baltic sea and up the Norwegian coast. My connectivity will be spotty for the next five weeks (!) though if I can find WiFi broadband in the middle of the Libyan desert, Talinn ought to have no secrets from me. Still, I expect that there might soon be a few posts that contain (the one true marker of LJ quality) mentions of me; I would appreciate it if people would make some small effort to ensure that I do not miss those.
Speaking of spurious assumptions about sexual dichotomization, I find it interesting that at my gym, the windowless, ochre, musty free-weight room gets one of the local Classic Rock stations pumped into it, heavy '70s music. Generally everyone in there is male, and both younger and buffer than I am, which makes me embarrassed to go in there and have to set the pins on the floor so I can do my standing cable fly. The fitness center, which draws a more mixed crowd, is newly renovated, brighter, airier, and smells better. It contains all of the cardiovascular equipment and the stack machines. In the fitness center, we listen to CDs mostly of the peppy, poppy eighties. Just yesterday, they were playing, as they always seem to be, the greatest hits of Duran Duran. Which is fine, because I like "Hungry Like The Wolf." But then that CD finished and they put in a mix of what seemed to be Mtv's biggest songs: "Video Killed The Radio Star," "Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)," "Everybody Have Fun Tonight" and, wait for it, "Hungry Like The Wolf" again. So if anyone could send me an mp3 of "Hungry Like The Wolf" I'd appreciate it. If anyone ([livejournal.com profile] lynnmonster) could send me an mp3 of Carolyn Kelley singing "Hungry Like The Wolf," I'd be ecstatic. And, to indulge the heavy '70s side of my fitness regime, I'm also out here, hat in hand, asking for a copy of Bob Seger's "Ramblin' Gamblin' Man." Thank you all very much.
Symantec would like me to give them money -- my subscription to Norton AntiVirus is about to expire and my 2002 version is no longer supported, supposedly; I would like to tell them to blow it out their ass. Has anyone experience of ClamWin or another free AV program?
There are only four copies of Verdi Without Words at public libraries on the CLEVNET system; however, two of those copies are owned by the Shaker Heights Public Library, so that solves that.

I'm now impressed by and fascinated with the rhyme of "opera star" and "repertoire."
Anyone out there got an orchestral, vocal-free version of La donna è mobile from Verdi's Rigoletto? You Send It to dherblay *at* LiveJournal.com, please, please, please!
Persuasion or Mansfield Park?
Let's say, hypothetically, that I were to spend about seven days, six nights in New Zealand in late October. Where should I go? I've been around the Auckland/Rotorua area already but have never been on the South Island.
I meant, but forgot, to pack my Buffy/Angel fanvid cd-rom for the Chicago meet, so I'm burning another one tonight. Unfortunately, a couple of my favorites are no longer online, so I'm issuing here a plea that if anyone out there has a copy of either JSlayerUK's "Theme From Shaft" or JainieG's "Her Platinum Baby" lying around, I'd be forever grateful if you'd comment here so that we could work out some means of transfer.

Please -- if I don't get a copy of these vids I'll be subjected to that many more replayings of "The Hamster Dance." My sanity rests in your hands.
I have a pair of questions, probably most answerable by [livejournal.com profile] atpotch.

First, from Sunday's Everyman: "Metal grille in neat pub (4,3)." B_L_ B_R. I want to say "bald bar," but can't find any evidence that this is an actual phrase. This is the final light! Help me rage, rage against its dying! (Hmmm . . . now I'm onto "bull bar," which makes no obvious sense on two entirely separate levels.)

Second, if we are to have a London meet-up, is it left to me to organize it?
Anyone ever heard of the process xSBFWtXpt.exe?

Don't everyone speak at once.
Does anyone know of a good wireless router with a USB port for my printer? My mother's AirPort has a USB port; but of the routers I looked at, the only one that declared which sort of printer connection it had used a parallel port. I'm not planning to task the network too heavily, so 802.11b will be fine.

Can anyone tell me whether or not a new Angel will be shown on the 26th? Or is "Destiny" the last episode of the sweeps period?



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